The Philips DreamStation CPAP: Helping You Achieve Better Health

Manage your sleep apnea symptoms with quality Philips CPAP machines and accessories. We believe in providing the highest quality products for your health which is why CPAP 2 Your Door proudly stocks the Philips Respironics range of machines and masks. The Philips range of CPAP machines provide sleep apnea sufferers with effective sleep respiratory management helping them enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

The Philips DreamStation CPAP Machine offers users acclimation made easy with a simplified and user-friendly design. Pair this with a Philips DreamStation Humidifier to help moisten the air coming through the hose of your mask. The combination of these two devices improves the overall experience for some patients, especially those suffering from dry mouth issues due to the use of a CPAP machine.