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CPAP2yourdoor Rental Options

CPAP Long Term Rent – Available by Ezi-Debit only. No minimum term

Rental Type Age Per Month
New Rental Current Model up to 2 years old $180 per month
Used Rental > 2 years old $78 per month
Budget Rental > 6 years old $40 per month

CPAP Trials in Australia to Ensure You Get the Right Fit

Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) machines are beneficial for the better health of Australians suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. At CPAP 2 Your Door we believe it’s important to help everyone find the perfect CPAP machine and mask for their needs. We’re proud to offer a 4-week CPAP trial in Australia so you can get used to the machine and the settings. We’re also on hand to provide support before, during and after your CPAP trial and purchase. If you’d like to learn more about either CPAP trials or CPAP rental in Australia, contact our friendly team on 0412 472 095.

CPAP 2 Your Door Also Offer CPAP Rentals

We’re also pleased to offer a CPAP rental service. We understand that not everyone wants to buy their own CPAP machine immediately and would like to rent a machine while you’re acclimatising to this lifestyle change. We offer a range of different CPAP rental packages and options within Australia including well-known brands such as Philips and ResMed.

Our Range of CPAP Rental Services in Australia

Premium Rental Contract – This is Available by Ezi-Debit only. 2 year contract. You can Rent a brand new machine on 24 month contract @ $100 per month. At the end of contract, you can,

  • Continue to rent that machine on a casual basis @ $78 per month
  • Purchase that machine for 50% of its new price including a 3 year warranty
  • Upgrade to a new machine and a new 24 month contract
  • Return it and purchase a new machine

Mask Rent – This option is $20 per month or $10 per fortnight, or $5 per week

Mask Trial  we want you to choose the right mask for you. With our CPAP trial you get a short-term mask hire. This is  $30 for 1 week with $15 refundable towards purchase. (Deduct $10 clean and $5 rent)

Additional weeks are $30 with or without a change of mask.

If purchasing, deduct $10 clean for each mask used and $5 for each week of rent, then refund the rest towards purchase.